What Amazon Did This Week: Spy Chips, Raised Wages, Raised Eyebrows, Ebay Woes, Japan Pop-Up

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NUTSHELL: A week dominated with political strife in the US meant Amazon could have had a pretty clear week, ‘could have’ being the operative words. Amazon ended up doing a good thing (ish), it then a bad thing(PRwise at least) followed by responding to some hefty Chinese spy chip allegations. All in all, not the best, certainly not the worst. Amazon promised to raise wages to $15 dollars and decided it wanted “to lead” but as with all capitalist ventures the money couldn’t come from profits and instead Amazon announced (after the blazing PR had subsided that it would also lose bonus programs, including stock and monthly bonuses, that usually boost paychecks will be eliminated starting November 1. Bezos giveth and he taketh away. CNN summed it up; it’s Amazon’s world, we’re just living in it.

RETAIL (.com, ads, Prime, books, GO, Whole Foods)|

Amazon is buying up more high-street space and at an accelerated rate. /// Amazon is accused of poaching eBay sellers (by eBay). /// Amazon is creating more private label items. ///  Amazon.com Inc is testing using bulletproof trucks for the delivery of high-value goods in Brazil with Goldman Sachs-backed startup. /// Amazon ended ‘Instant Pickup‘ after one year. /// Amazon has been putting its own products below competitors (which is apparently a surprise to many). /// Amazon opened a pop-up bar in Ginzo, Japan.

CONTENT (Prime Video, Music, Audible, TWITCH, Goodreads, Ads…)

Amazon signed major deals with Neil Gaiman and Bear Grylls. /// Amazon’s MMO ‘New World’ has new footage in the wild.

TECH (Alexa, Dash, AWS, Kindle…)

Amazon (and Apple) denied China chip hack claims. /// Amazon announced a new 4K Fire TV stick. /// Amazon’s new Fire stick will work with or ‘support’  Kodi. /// Alexa now has a new tool enabling devs to use featuresfrom other Alexa apps, limited to printing and reservations for now. /// Amazon and Iridium Communications (a satellite communications products and services company) have signed a deal to create a new global IoT network. /// The Alexa app is getting a redesign (praise, Jesus). ///

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