Technology That Will Take Your Communications to the Next Level

December 12 – 13, 2018

Technology is revolutionizing the way people do everything.  From shopping to driving, data gathering to diagnosing health issues, technology is changing our world at a pace that is unprecedented.  The opportunities are limitless and that goes for Corporate Communications too.  Chatbots, drones, artificial intelligence, apps, and virtual reality can all be leveraged in business to enhance your communications strategy and help you exceed your goals.

In this workshop, you’ll learn about cutting-edge technologies that you can use to connect, engage, and empower your audience.  From hearing successful case studies delivered by industry leaders (including Google, IBM, Hitachi, and SAP) to sharing your best technology practices with fellow attendees, this event will teach you everything you need to re-invent your communications strategy.  Session topics to include:

  • How to Marry PR and Paid Digital Channels to Increase Brand Awareness
  • Communications Apps for Non-Desk Teams
  • Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots to Enable Employees to Get the Info They Need
  • How to Use Drones in Corporate Communications
  • Engaging Employees Using Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

Who Should Attend?

  • Corporate Communications Professionals
  • IT Professionals

Marketing and PR professionals


For speaking opportunities, contact Jill.Christensen@conferenceboard.org.
For sponsorship opportunities, contact Michael.Felden@conferenceboard.org.
For marketing partnerships, contact Melissa.Mianulli@conferenceboard.org

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