Robots and Games That Teach Coding

The rise of the robots–they’ve taken over the exhibition halls of education conferences these days. Robots and games that teach coding and STEM skills are a big back to school trend.

Tynker. “We have been hard at work this summer to revamp the Tynker Educator experience to be super friendly regarding workflow, content, metrics, and privacy (less assigning and more intelligent feedback),” said Tynker co-founder and CEO Krishna Vedati.

Tynker is the leading game-based coding platform that has helped more than 60 million students start coding. The Mountain View-based company, which has raised $10.4 million in 3 rounds, acquired LMS Pythonroom in May.

Tynker’s platform now includes a new range of courses that serve high-school students, building on its strong coursework foundation for P-8 learners. New age content includes advanced python, augmented reality courses and enhanced STEM lessons that use coding. With Mattel, Tynker released a Barbie-themed Robotics course to encourage girls to pursue STEM.

With granular assessment behind the scenes, Tynker is able to provide students and teachers real-time information.

Tynker doesn’t sell robots, but Vedati argues that their coding games integrate better with other subjects.

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