Student Members should, normally, be pursuing a course of study leading to a degree in Management or related subject from an accredited Institution
An application should be accompanied by confirmation of appropriate studies, for example a copy of a letter confirming registration on a relevant course.

How to Apply
Applicants must supply all information as requested on the application form, and indicate their agreement to the declaration. This agreement constitutes a contract to abide by the rules of the Institute.
Applications for Student Membership may be accepted by the Membership Manager on behalf of the Membership Committee provided the applicant clearly meets the requirements for the grade. Where it is not clear that the applicant meets the requirements the application is referred to the Institute’s Membership Committee Qualification Sub-Group.
Further Information

Student Members should normally apply for transfer to another grade after not more than Five years in the Student Member grade.

Full-time postgraduate students may become or remain Graduate Members but pay the Student rate for up to three years.