Executive Diploma



The Executive Diploma in Business Leadership is designed for students who have management experience and want to gain a greater depth and understanding of the core functions of management and business administration. It is designed to develop the skills, knowledge and competencies of managers and future executives who conduct business locally and internationally.

The Executive Diploma in Business Leadership builds on CIML’s traditional strengths and prepares students to compete and succeed at the global level. In addition to mastering core management, and leadership skills and developing first-rate analytical and problem-solving skills, students gain a solid foundation in international business concepts, develop intercultural management skills, and build cultural awareness. The composition of the Executive Diploma in Business Leadership provides a wealth of valuable grounding for managers. Emphasis is placed on functional and applied skills, complemented by cultural studies designed to enable managers to act sensitively, appropriately and effectively in the international business environment. With a mix of theory and practice throughout the program, it is relevant and immediately applicable to your workplace.

The programme bridges the gap between experience and professional qualification by recognizing industrial gained experience and polishing it with academic explanations. Upon completion of this program, students will receive an Executive Diploma in Business Leadership from the Chartered Institute of Management and Leadership (CIML). Graduates from this program will be eligible to continue their studies, by entering directly into an MBA program at a range of Universities across the globe.

A modular System is used in conducting the classes. During the programme, Participants learn, through a balanced mix of formal presentations, challenging group discussions, participative exercises and case studies. The Executive Diploma in Business Leadership has been designed to bridge the gap between experience and professional qualification. In executing the programme a number of other innovative learning approaches are used, including:

  1. – Business games
  2. – Video-based learning methods
  3. – Self-awareness instruments
  4. – Simulations
  5. Participants will be encouraged to learn from other managers and professionals by sharing ideas and experiences.


After this programme, you will be able to:

  • – Acquire key knowledge required to undertake the application of coaching in a business context
  • – Acquire the ability to use the required techniques and tools to ensure effective coaching in an organizational and business context
  • – Acquire key knowledge required to undertake effective Team Building.
  • – Acquire the ability to use the required models, tools and practices to ensure effective Team Building in an organizational context


Programme Structure

  1. The course consists of eight modules namely:
  2. Part I

  1. – Global Strategic Management and Leadership
  2. – International Financial Management
  3. – Performance Management
  4. – Leadership and people performance


The Executive in Business Leadership is designed to be completed in 18 Months. It could take less time depending on how much transfer credit you receive.


Successful completion of a CIML Advanced in Business Management and Leadership or any recognized Degree in relevant discipline plus 3 Year post qualification experience in a Management/Leadership field

  1. Part II
  2. – Corporate Law & Governance
  3. – E-commerce
  4. – Management Control Systems
  5. – Strategic Leadership & Ethics


Upon successful completion of the Executive Diploma in Business Leadership program, Students will be eligible to apply for Full or Fellow Membership of CIML based on years of professional experience and will be eligible to undertake further studies in an MBA degree program with our Partner Institution.

  1. Part III

    1. – Professional Case Study
    2. – Dissertation