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Institute Overview

The Chartered Institute of Management and Leadership is an American professional body that seeks to develop managerial skills in employers and employees alike as we commit ourselves to help managers achieve qualifications that would meet managerial standards all over the world.

The Chartered Institute of Management and Leadership is an initiative to instil a driving force that equips individuals with prospects, wealth and ideas directed towards the proper handling of societal values; salvaging the diminishing properties of the economy via the inculcation of management skills and Leadership cues.

 More so, information in circulation in the Institute is garnished with such subjects that broaden the horizon of the individual and enlarge his scope in such fields as noteworthy in the realization of a better and workable economy in underdeveloped, developing and developed nations of the world.

The standards here are a function of the quintessence of constructive dynamism and variability, objectiveness and most importantly, phenomenal enthusiasm in the course so pursued by individuals.