Membership of the institute is obtainable only by examination and by satisfying other conditions as per experience and character. Members of the institute use the designations “Grad.CIML, ACIML, MCIML or FCIML” either as Graduate, Associate, Full Member or Fellow Member.


Advisory Services
We offer members assistance on any technical issues or challenges relating to their work or study for free. We offer free consultations on any issues affecting members. Members are offered advisory services on how to secure better job offers.

We offer members opportunity to publish their work, articles and technical papers on our quarterly journal thereby gaining the needed recognition and enhancing their professional development. Our journal carries information on members’ activities

Use of Designations
Members can use the Grad.CIML, ACIML, MCIML and FCIML designation

Academic Progression
Our Associate, Full or Fellow members can proceed to obtain a Bachelors degree, master’s degree of Doctorate degree with our affiliated universities.


The Institute code of ethics ensures that members adhere to the following responsibility and instill in them a high level professional discipline.

That as a chartered Management and Leadership Professional, you will:

  • Pursue Managerial activities with accountability and integrity.
  • Not give, accept, or condone bribery and corruption in various form in order to obtain business
  • Not disclose or permit the disclosure of any information to any other persons, firm or company or use such information to your own advantage
  • Promote the professional image of the Institute and standing as the Chartered body for Management and Leadership
  • Act in a manner which supports the organisation’s overall objectives and contributes to the achievement of targets set