Membership Upgrade


As you progress through your career, acquiring new skills, qualifications and experience, you will become eligible for higher grades of CIML membership.

Upgrading membership recognises the additional skills and experience you have acquired and provides employers evidence of your commitment to your career.

It also makes you eligible to apply for registration and gain further recognition of your professional status. At the point at which you apply to upgrade your membership, you may also wish to apply for registration simultaneously
There are Four grades of Professional Membership:

  1. Graduate Membership
  2. Associate Membership
    c. Full Membership
    d. Fellowship

A Member must fulfill the following mandatory requirements for upgrade of his/her Membership status:

  1. Fulfill the statutory period between grades of membership;
    Graduate to Associate = 1 Year upon completion of the Final stage of the Institute Examination.
    Associate to Full Member = 4 years
    Full Member to Fellow = 5 years
  2. Meet all financial obligations to date
  3. Attendance at the Institute Activities. (e.g Conferences and Seminars).
  4. Participate in the Institute’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme.

Upon Application for Upgrading, the Member must submit the following documents;

  1. A Complete Upgrading Request Form
  2.  A Detailed Curriculum Vitae
  3.  Proof of Employment a letter from employer stating position, date of commencement of employment, current dated, signed. (Including appointment/promotion letter to present
  4.  Certified copies of academic and Professional certificates.
  5. List Contributions to the Institute’s life activities.


By definition, Annual subscription is amount paid by a student or member as a contribution towards the sustaining and development of the institute. It is a yearly payment. Annual subscription for students or members is due and payable every January 1st each year.

Student: $16

Graduate: $20

Associate: $32

Full Member: $44

Fellow: $63