Notice! Notice!! Notice!!!

27-05-18 ciml 0 comment

  1. It has come to our Notice of some Universities claiming accreditation from CIML. Please kindly know that CIML is a professional Body not an accreditation body. We only recognize qualification; we don’t accredit institutions or programme. We only offer Membership and Certification programme
  1. This is to notify all applicants that any organization whose logo is not in the list of our accredited representative and partners is not a partner and representative of the institute (see Any applicant applying through such organization does that to his or her own risk. Thanks.
  1. CIML Operates in Countries through the Regional Directors appointed (See and accredited representatives/partners.
  1. Please be informed that the following offices will no longer be in operation; Office of Director of International Operations, Office of Director of Africa Operations, Office of Director of Education and Training, Office of Director of Media and Public Relations, office of Director of affiliated Universities.